Advanced Grapher

Advanced Grapher 2.11

It helps to calculate complex functions and automatically creates graphs

Advanced Grapher is a program which helps you calculate complex functions and it creates graphs on a coordinate plane automatically. It is highly useful for students and for scientific work. It supports a multilingual interface; many languages are included with the installation package and others can be easily downloaded. It supports all Windows operating systems and requires a very small amount of your disk space.
It plots high-quality 2D graphs for all kinds of equations, functions and tables. It supports many operations like arithmetic operations, logical operations and relational operations. Table values can be directly inserted in the graph or can be easily imported from a text file. Many constants, which are very common in use like PI, are directly available in this software. You can also create many variables for a calculation.
It allows plotting up to 100 graphs on one coordinate plane which helps analyzing and comparing many graphs. All the graphs can be seen at the graph toolbar and you can easily hide, delete, and copy a graph from the graph list. Graph properties like its design, equation or table can be set easily. You can also duplicate and copy one graph property to another and abort the calculation of a graph at runtime.

Manoj Goel
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  • Graph calculation is fully automatic
  • Many operations are supported
  • Color coding support
  • Up to 100 graphs can be seen on one coordinate plane


  • Graph calculation is slow
  • Can be difficult to handle for a usual user
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